Loss Recovery Insurance

Loss Recovery Insurance from Lorega

Claims are the moment of truth when it comes to any insurance policy, so make sure your clients’ claims are handled quickly, effectively and easily with Lorega’s range of Loss Recovery Insurance products.

Lorega offer both LRI and Lorega 10, which are specialist insurance policies covering both commercial and private clients – making it simple for them to get back on track after fires, floods and other disasters disrupt their businesses or homes.

Benefits for Policyholders:

Lorega’s insurance products are fully underwritten by Hiscox (Lloyds A rated) or Kiln (Standard and Poor’s A Rated).

For LRI policyholders, a Chartered Loss Adjuster will be on hand throughout the claim process, with no upper limit on the size of the claim or the time involved, so policyholders can get on with their lives, rather than being involved with complex negotiations with their insurance company.

Lorega 10 policyholders will receive up to 10 hours of telephone advice from a highly experienced Chartered Loss Adjuster, to give practical advice on their claim and how to help reduce the impact of the loss.

Benefits for Brokers:

  • 24/7 emergency claims advice line for Loss Recovery policyholders. Claims reported during working hours will normally receive a call back within the hour and where possible a Chartered Loss Adjuster will look to visit by the end of the next working day
  • Access to our industry commended online quote and buy system.
  • Bespoke rates for BIBA members.
  • BIBA members selling in excess of £15,000 net premium per annum, have access to one of our exclusive bespoke training courses for your employees on a range of specialist insurance matters.

Lorega has a video explanation of Loss Recovery which you can share with your clients here.


Loss Recovery Insurance


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