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The primary aim of a BIBA broker is to help consumers and businesses access suitable insurance protection.

BIBA has established successful working relationships with various organisations including the Money Advice Service and the Association of British Insurers (ABI) as well as with Government. This enables more people to access the important financial protection that they need for their homes, holidays, businesses and cars both when buying insurance and at renewal.  BIBA and its members will also help customers to avoid the risk of underinsurance or no insurance.

In 2016 our not-for-profit Find-A-Broker service helped deal with more than a quarter of a million general insurance enquiries that we directed to suitable BIBA brokers.

The voluntary agreement on age and insurance BIBA has with Government and the ABI has signposted more than 200,000 older motorists and holidaymakers to our Find-A-Broker to help them access the insurance they need.

Insurance brokers can provide advice and access a wide range of insurance providers to help find solutions for all types of insurance needs, including the most difficult of risks.


BIBA’s technical experts have provided some guidance to help you navigate the maze of insurance issues.

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How brokers Help

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About BIBA Brokers

Ten Great reasons why you benefit from using a BIBA broker

BIBA Brokers:

  1. have access to a wide choice of products from the majority of insurance markets
  2. can give advice on suitable insurance protection
  3. can represent the client in claims settlements
  4. are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
  5. can give risk management advice by identifying, measuring, managing and controlling risk and where appropriate can give advice on health and safety, fire prevention and premises security

  1. provide clear information and documents
  2. have their own professional indemnity insurance protection providing customer confidence
  3. clearly state the costs of the policy – including any fees they may charge
  4. give fair treatment to customers in the event of a complaint, with the additional assurance of the Financial Ombudsman Service
  5. eligible customers are protected by the Government-backed Financial Services Compensation Scheme