Claims Guidance & Resolution

Mactavish Claims Guidance & Resolution, is a service for brokers and policyholders which provides access to a neutral evaluation of the merits of a complex claim at an early juncture and helps to navigate a pathway from incident to resolution. The service combines Mactavish knowledge of the commercial market, placement, insurance law and policy wording standards with expert insurance barristers’ legal acumen.

David Hertzell, the former Law Commissioner responsible for the Insurance Act’s development and market agreement, is the Chairman of the Mactavish’s dispute resolution practice.

The service has been developed in response to brokers’ demands for a high quality commercial offering on complex claims that saves clients litigation costs, gets claims paid rapidly and reduces brokers’ exposure to errors and omissions.

Exclusive benefits for BIBA members include an early intervention package (if appointed immediately post loss) of support at a fixed fee of £2,500 to advise on the initial merits of the claim, how best to consider presenting it and advice to prevent errors post loss.

Why use Mactavish Claims Guidance & Resolution? 

  • Access to a neutral evaluation of the merits of a complex claim at an early juncture
  • Brokers can demonstrate a proactive and technically / legally proficient service to their clients at a reasonable and controllable cost
  • Our advice will help to ensure the actions of the policyholder reflects the position (technically and otherwise) under their policy wording and the Insurance Act 2015
  • Claims that are paid rapidly are the best method of reducing broker E&O risk
  • To drive a rapid resolution of a complex claim to reduce the cost and uncertainty of a dispute running for a long period of time
  • On every case we will instruct expert QCs or barristers to provide the highest level of legal input and advice, in targeted areas agreed with the broker and client to execute the claims payment strategy
  • We understand placement and insurance governance standards. We are the leading independent adviser to large FTSE 100/250 clients on governance and compliance with the Insurance Act 2015. We can leverage this advice for you and your clients as Mactavish provides advice to policyholders, brokers and insurers alike on placement issues.
  • We will always look for constructive ways to settle the dispute expediently without resorting to litigation
  • We can advise on the most suitable legal support (if litigation is inevitable) and help  negotiate terms with those solicitors
  • If your client’s claim should be paid, then we will ensure everyone is clear on why it should be paid and the strategy to get it paid 

When should brokers phone Mactavish Claims Guidance & Resolution? 

  • As soon as practicable post-loss to prevent clients from losing the benefits of cover through non-adherence to post loss policy obligations, or compromise cover post-loss due to errors in practice in notifying and handling the claim
  • Alternatively at a later stage of a claim if there is a potential or actual dispute with insurers:
    • An early independent assessment of a specific issue or wider issues on a claim from Mactavish and / or an experienced insurance law barrister
    • To access an independent expert review of an insurer’s partial or full declinature or reduction of a claim
    • Advice on commercial strategy to get a claim resolved

We can assist on a pre or post loss issue and on a wide ranging or narrow basis.

Mactavish Claims Guidance & Resolution provides an initial uncharged consultation call, without commitment, to discuss the case, the context of the claim, the key uncertainties and what are the core broker / client concerns. The service is then designed to respond with a defined scope of support at a fixed fee.

For more information/to arrange for a free discussion on a claim please email

[email protected] or call 020 7406 7480