Schemes Management Facility

This schemes management facility will enable you to create and efficiently place non-standard, specialist and niche commercial schemes with Accelerate Underwriting Ltd ™, an MGA specialising in non-standard business with access to both Lloyd’s and non-Lloyd’s capacity.

Placing non-standard business can be difficult – multiple insurers with different processes and governance steps. Accelerate Underwriting specialises in building bespoke solutions for non-standard books of business. This facility will provide alternative solutions for your existing schemes including those that currently;

  • are administered using manual or inefficient processes; or
  • have multiple insurers with separate requirements and expectations; or
  • do not meet usual minimum account size requirement; or
  • need more robust regulatory or governance processes; or
  • that may benefit from a new provider.

The facility allows you to create new or refreshed facilities for schemes, rather than using standard ‘off-the-shelf’ products and will help you to focus on operations and sales while being supported with expertise in underwriting and product governance.

Using the facility 

  • Contact Accelerate at [email protected] or 020 3141 2574 to arrange a fact finding meeting to ensure Accelerate understand your requirements.
  • Once it is agreed that an opportunity exists, Accelerate will forward a TOBA to you to sign.
  • A high-level proposition will be drafted for your review – following feedback, Accelerate will follow their rapid product development process and build your product on AcceleRATER™, their E-trading platform.
  • Accelerate will visit your office(s) to provide system and product training and will then launch the product on a unique website that only you and your team can access.
  • Alternatively, if you’d rather build the product on your own system, Accelerate can work with you to build and launch the product on your IT platform.





Provider: Accelerate Underwriting Ltd ™
Contact: Scott Brown 02031412571 or 02031412570
Email: [email protected]