For gardeners

BIBA is urges gardeners who are purchasing expensive items like patio heaters or a large amount of garden products to take steps to ensure that their new purchases are covered within their home insurance, and to take adequate security measures.

Key advice being given to gardeners includes:

Contact your Insurance Broker who will be able to:

  • Advise if you are covered and arrange cover if needed.
  • Check your policy for restrictions or exclusions e.g. Do items have to be locked away at night?
  • Check the policy to ensure you have adequate cover for items in the garden, there are often limits on policies (as low as £250, but more commonly £500) and arrange extended cover if necessary.
  • Check your excess so that you can afford to pay it if something does happen.

Precautions you can take

  • Fit a security light overlooking the garden
  • Put items in a locked shed overnight, especially expensive equipment such as ride on lawn mowers
  • Lock your side gate
  • Do not leave a barbecue unattended

High Net Worth policies will cover gardens to a greater extent, for example Sterling Insurance Company give up to £15,000 for outdoor items although you can purchase unlimited cover.

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