With bonfire night rapidly approaching, and Diwali just starting, the British Insurance Brokers’ Association reminds homeowners and businesses to check they are adequately covered for public liability, building and contents insurance given the increased risks posed by large numbers of candles, lighting a bonfire or setting off fireworks at their property.

Every year, BIBA members receive calls for help from those caught out by lit flames, bonfires and firework mishaps. Many people are hurt every year at this time from bonfire and firework-related injuries.  We all need to pay attention to safety precautions at all times, particularly where children are near or where they will be handling candles and fireworks. It’s also peace of mind to know your insurance policy is up to date and you haven’t forgotten to renew it.

The most frequent claims related to the 5th November celebrations include:

  • Shattered windows
  • Garden damage
  • Fire spreading to outbuildings or homes
  • Personal Liability for injury to other parties e.g. guest or neighbours
  • Theft from your home if it is left open for guests

It’s prudent for homeowners or party hosts to check their insurance to ensure they are sufficiently covered.

With families heading for the shops, BIBA has warned:

People can put themselves and their property at risk on Bonfire Night and other celebrations. We want everyone to enjoy themselves, but we do recommend they take all the necessary measures to ensure against mishaps, and to cover themselves should anything go wrong, so that they’re not out of pocket.

Our guidance is clear – not to put yourself or your family at risk. Check you are properly covered by speaking to your insurance broker before you start, and always follow the Firework Safety Code. By taking these simple steps everyone will enjoy the night with peace of mind and without finding themselves in harm’s way and without having to make an insurance claim.

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