Types of home insurance

Coronavirus update
If you are working from home you may need to check whether your insurer has applied work from home cover during the pandemic – all insurers are different so check with your broker or insurer.

Buildings Insurance

This covers the structure of the house such as:

  • Walls, ceilings and the roof
  • Permanent fixtures and fittings within the house
  • Decoration within the house
  • Gates, fences and footpaths that all lie within the boundaries of your property
  • Pipes and cables

Contents Insurance

This covers the contents you would take if you moved such as:

  • Household goods such as cookers and fridges
  • Furniture and furnishings such as beds, sofas and carpets
  • Valuables such as jewellery and works of art
  • Personal belongings such as clothes and shoes
  • Contents policies may include some cover for replacement of keys and locks, contents of outbuildings, money, freezer contents, loss of metered water, cost of alternative accommodation, replacement glass, television aerials and satellite dishes

What is covered?

Standard policies will usually cover loss or damage due to:

  • Fire, aircraft, lightning, explosion or earthquake
  • Theft (or attempted theft)
  • Riots or vandalism
  • Storms or flooding
  • Subsidence, heave and landslip
  • Falling trees
  • Impact eg. a car runs into your house
  • Escaping or leaking water or oil
  • Your liability as occupier of the house
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