Travelling with Valuables

Make sure you have cover for any valuables checked into the hold of the plane.

Many travel insurance policies do not cover valuables when checked into the hold, and often require you to keep valuables under your custody and control. As a result, you are required to keep them in your hand luggage or about your person.

Below is a list of items which may not be covered by insurance when put into a suitcase and checked into the hold:

  • Photographic equipment including all accessories
  • Sunglasses or spectacles
  • Laptops, tablets, radio or audio equipment (including CD’s) and mobile phones
  • Electronic equipment including electronic games, computers and mobile phones
  • Telescopes
  • Binoculars
  • Leather or suede or fur clothing
  • Personal jewellery, items of gold or silver or watches
  • Video equipment
  • Money, credit cards and passports
  • Stamp, coin or medal collections
  • Works of art
  • Hearing aids
  • Sports and leisure equipment and musical instruments

You should, of course, check your policy as each policy can be different.

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