Insurance cover will differ if you’re skiing, boarding or taking part in other winter sports. Please follow the checklist below to make sure you are fully covered.

Have you:

  • Ensured that your travel insurance policy covers winter sports?
  • Checked that your insurance adequately covers all potential activity while on the slopes?
  • Checked that your policy does not require a local guide and/or a helmet to be worn?
  • Checked that your policy provides the cover that you need and that you can afford the excess?

Make sure you:

  • Keep an eye on your equipment and if leaving skis outside a restaurant or bar you don’t leave them in pairs – if you mix and match them with a friends’ they are less favourable to a thief
  • Read what your policy says about items left unattended   –   (left in vehicle, in public or even at a table), there may be exclusions. Ask your broker if you’re unsure.

Did you know?

  • If you are not skiing with an instructor or guide you should check that the area and snow that you wish to ski is suitable for a skier of your level – get advice from the local ski school. Never ski or board in closed areas – it is extremely dangerous and insurance cover may be invalidated
  • If you have a current European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)  that remains valid  or a Global Health Insurance Card these only apply to state provided medical care and many injury clinics on the slopes are private – check your insurance cover.
  • Skiing and boarding is fun but  its important to stay safe and follow local rules on the piste. The International Ski Federation has a ‘highway code’ for the snow  to help everyone to stay safe on the slopes, and should be followed at all times. Find out  more from the Ski Club of Great Britain. 
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