Insurance broking is a varied and exciting one with lots of room for progression – making it a great profession
to be part of.

Our sector has an essential ongoing commitment to attract and retain young talent. Insurance broking offers a huge array of opportunities from traditional client-facing broking roles and technical insurance careers, through to sales, accountancy,
marketing, digital solutions, HR and opportunities in management at the highest level.

Joining the profession can put young brokers right at the cutting edge of the big issues – climate change, cyber-crime,
InsurTech as well as the real human matters that face people and businesses.

The skills and talents learned in insurance can apply to many roles and BIBA believes that there needs to be more recognition of this. We need a strategic approach to attracting, developing and retaining the best possible talent from all backgrounds sectors, schools, colleges, and universities.

Insurance Apprenticeships are part of the solution to training new and existing staff, and BIBA also wants to help everyone from the most junior to the most senior employees to develop and maintain their skills to the best they can be.

Promoting Careers in Broking

BIBA Young Broker Ambassadors

BIBA has a Young Broker Ambassador in place for each of its regions and who play a key part in our regional committees.

Find out more about BIBA’s Young Broker Ambassador Programme here. 


Find out what our Young Broker Ambassadors think about their career choices in this short video

Careers in Insurance Broking

BIBA’s Young Broker Ambassadors are keen to promote careers in insurance broking and are looking for ways to promote the benefits of joining the profession.

Download their careers factsheet.


Aspire Apprenticeships

BIBA supports the Chartered Insurance Institute’s Aspire Apprenticeships.

Find more information about how Aspire Apprenticeships can work for you here.