An intruder alarm system is a commonly used security measure whose value in preventing, or otherwise limiting, a variety of crimes (burglary, robbery, malicious damage and arson) at home and business premises is widely recognised, and not least by many property insurers – subject to the alarm system meeting some basic criteria.

If you are planning to have an alarm system installed it is worth being aware of, and taking into account, what your current (or a future) property insurer may typically be looking for – if they are to recognise the alarm system as fulfilling a basic requirement for providing insurance or, perhaps, as being worthy of a premium discount.

The guidance notes that follow are therefore intended to provide you with an overview of the key choices/issues underpinning the process of buying a new alarm system, and also provide an insight into some typical related insurer/police expectations. The guidance is necessarily general, so before proceeding with any purchase a specific check on acceptability for insurance purposes, with your insurance broker/insurer, is always advised.


The installation of an alarm system is a significant investment in the security of your premises, so it makes sense to ‘get it right first time’. If you succumb to the temptation to simply select the cheapest alarm quotation, you may end up with a system that fails to fulfil your, or your insurers’, expectations, and you may also have bought a system that cannot later be easily altered.

It is therefore very important to seek insurer advice/approval before purchase.

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