7th May 2023

Global businesses regardless of their sector are experiencing increasing pressure and scrutiny from investors and regulators to show that they understand and have a grip on existing and material Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues. As ESG moves to centre stage, identifying, measuring and managing ESG-related risks is becoming paramount. So too is identifying the opportunities.

This ESG guide is for members who like BIBA want to start an  ESG journey and, by doing so, work towards more sustainable business operations.

The breadth of topics covered by the term ESG and the wealth of information available can make it difficult to take that first step. BIBA knows from experience the challenges associated with understanding and truly embracing this topic, but also the value that it brings.

Much of this guide is focused on putting in place a foundation of governance for your ESG strategy.. Chapters on  specific ESG Stepping Stones will then enable you to  consider issues identified as being particularly relevant to insurance brokers.

It guides you from A to B ESG…

Its aim is to support both those taking their first step on their ESG journey and those who are further down the path, in delivering against the Triple Bottom Line – People, Plant and Profit.

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