7th May 2023

In order for a firm to reach the highest standards in any targeted initiative, there needs to be active involvement from the top. It is no different for ESG and like other projects you may wish to look to involve someone with passion and energy for ESG to keep it at the core of your business ethos.
This guide can help you set a vision and a picture of success for integrating ESG into the business:

You can demonstrate leadership and commitment for integrating ESG in the business by:

  • Taking accountability for the implementation of an ESG agenda.
  • Creating suitable policies and business objectives that are aligned with the future direction of our sector regarding ESG.
  • Promoting the use of the ESG approach and risk-based thinking in business decisions
  • Making available resources for ESG integration.
  • Communicating your business approach to ESG integration into its management.
  • Engaging, directing, and supporting those responsible for ESG integration.
  • Driving customer focus by ensuring that all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements are determined, understood and consistently complied with.
  • Ensuring that a focus on enhancing stakeholder experiences and satisfaction is maintained.

Further guidance on leadership actions is in Sections 5 to 12.

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