14th August 2020

AllClear the BIBA medical travel insurance scheme, recently announced a raft of Covid-19 benefits for its policies sold via allclearbiba.co.uk which we have shared with you.

As a result of the recent change in travel advice for Spain & France and the decision by some airlines and package operators to continue offering their services despite FCO advice against travel, AllClear has had little choice but to remove the benefit for cancellation and curtailment for a subsequent change in FCO advice. It was felt that they could be unfairly selected against offering a benefit that others in the market didn’t, impacting the overall position of their portfolio.

For policies sold via allclearbiba.co.uk between 27th July 2020 and 18:00hrs on 6th August 2020 the cover benefit will be honoured for the change in FCO advice.  Policies sold after that time will not include this benefit.

Our scheme providers have recognised that there is an extremely complicated and ever-changing situation for everyone right now, so AllClear has produced a comprehensive cover table that they hope will help brokers with understanding what is and isn’t covered.  This is available here.

It’s really important to remember that travelling against Foreign & Commonwealth Advice (FCO) advice invalidates all cover benefits on a travel insurance policy and clients need to be encouraged to keep up to date with the FCO website and to read the policy wording.

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