22nd June 2011
Claims Advocacy Service

Free initial consultations for BIBA members on difficult, disputed or rejected insurance claims

BIBA is pleased to offer members a specialist claims advocacy service in conjunction with trusted insurance claims advocates, Flaxmans.

If you or your clients are experiencing problems with a rejected, disputed or difficult claim or any other matter relating to your or your clients’ insurance, you can now access our advisers for an initial consultation free of charge.

Problems with insurance claims can occur at any time in your career. How you handle a disputed or rejected claim can have a direct influence on the outcome. This is why we advise members to seek expert advice early before you wade into difficulties.

When you need insurance claims advocacy:

  • your client has a difficult claim and you want assistance resolving it
  • insurers have turned down a client’s claim and you want to contest it
  • you are not getting anywhere with an insurance claim
  • negotiations are slow and frustrating
  • there is a conflict of interest between your duty to your client and your market

Benefit from:

  • timely, expert advice on claims matters
  • guidance on commercial solutions to insurance problems
  • reduced claims management costs
  • legal and forensic resources
  • preserving business relationships
  • reputation protection
  • expert witness assistance

About Flaxmans – Insurance advocates with 40 years of experience

Flaxmans is a retained adviser to BIBA and are insurance advocates specialising in commercial and business insurance advice. Flaxmans is highly regarded and recognised throughout the industry and their level of service and expertise is reflected in the considerable success rate for our members. Flaxmans skills include insurance law and practice, insurance claims advocacy, claim negotiation, litigation support, mediation and management of distressed business risk.

Flaxmans Chairman Roger Flaxman
ACII, MAE, Chartered Insurance Practitioner, CEDR-accredited Mediator

With more than 40 years’ experience in the insurance industry, Flaxmans Chairman Roger Flaxman, a member of the Academy of Experts and ACII Chartered Insurance Practitioner, has more than a decade’s experience serving as an expert witness in matters of insurance practice, duty of care and insurance market procedure.

“Insurance claims are not just about insurance. They are first and foremost about the business that is insured. Keeping a balance in mind between commercial objectives and legal niceties is a crucial aspect of our advocacy work”. 

For a free initial consultation please contact:  

International House

2nd Floor

1 St Katharine’s Way



Tel 0207 710 4150      www.flaxmanpartners.co.uk


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