3rd June 2021

Steve Richards the political commentator and broadcaster takes us behind the scenes of all the current political dramas, trying to make sense of the epic events and bringing to life the main political players ad he asks:”What is really going on?”

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Displaying his stylish bookcase, de rigueur of political interviews at conference Steve Richards spoke to Huw Edwards about the current machinations of politics.

He said that the current state of play in politics is a great thriller where nothing is quite as it seems and that we have to delve deep to see the full picture.  He presented a few questions for us all to think about.

On the Prime Minister’s local elections triumph he declared Mr. Johnston to be an extraordinary vote winner! The Tory leadership, the general election and gaining a number of councils in local elections he is dominant. However, his route to success is explosive, people love the idea of levelling up but what does he actually mean by it and where does it take place and how will it be delivered?

Nicola Sturgeon also re-emerged from the Alex Salmond row back in power and the power she has makes her appealing and will press for independence. But she faces hurdles. Commentators suggest that a referendum is unlikely to be granted by the PM if he believes it will be lost. She is facing a moment of destiny!

On Labour and Kier Starmer their situation post local elections could be seen as the biggest crisis since the 1930s but there is space for Labour to develop because they are entering blue wall areas making gains in unlikely places and there is space within the agenda set by Government and about the role of the state which needs a smart leader to pull off.

As ever a week is a long time in politics so registered conference attendees can watch the On Demand here  to see how his insights played out.

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