BIBA’s technical services department helps members with a wide range of queries, including guidance on technical matters and dispute resolution. Our regional forums and other initiatives provide members with the opportunity to gather valuable information and exchange views.

BIBA Schemes & Facilities

BIBA Schemes & Facilities provide exclusive products that add value and provide new opportunities for members by offering access that may not otherwise be available.

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Broker Magazine

BIBA produces a quarterly magazine, The Broker, which aims to give members of BIBA and relevant stakeholders information and insight about BIBA membership, initiatives and campaigns.

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BIBA Committees

The committees are key drivers for BIBA helping to make it a strong and robust organisation.

Each committee is made up of BIBA members and is responsible for overseeing the policy on a particular insurance field. They are also important forums for the sharing of ideas and discussion about BIBA, its members and the industry. Please select from the above menu to find the information about each committee and what they do.

Technical Contact Details

If you need any further help regarding BIBA technical information please contact:

Mike Hallam
Head of Technical Services
0207 397 0204
[email protected]

Shaune Worrall
Technical Services Manager
0207 397 0234
[email protected]