15th May 2024

At BIBA we’re big fans of the Floodmobile. It’s a must see if you want to understand what good looks like in property flood resilience.

Climate change and the higher propensity for sudden surface water flooding almost anywhere means we’re all at greater risk of flooding. Any home or business can benefit through simple flood prevention knowledge and preparation.

For brokers this practical knowledge may help your client to mitigate their risk and help you and insurers have a conversation about flood coverage.

So, whether you want to install a loo bung or a 6 foot steel enclosure around your property, the Floodmobile team has 50 practical measures to help, from pumps and barriers to air bricks, flood doors and non-return valves plus varying examples of flood recoverable repair such as flooring, kitchens, and membrane systems.

A 5 minute curated tour by Flood Mary is mythical. Homes and businesses at risk of flood can learn simple resistance and recovery techniques.

It’s also cool outside the Conference auditorium!

However, there is a whole different side to the Floodmobile when it rocks up at communities which are recovering from their own flood incidents. Flood Mary and the team have experienced first hand sometimes devastating consequences of flooding in homes and businesses. Their’s is an emotional and practical reaction you can only get having lived through your own flood.

The Floodmobile is a unique and practical experience to help mitigate the impact of flooding. We reckon thousands of people have been through the doors in locations across the UK often at the lowest point in their flood journey.

The weather is sunny in Manchester today so take a look, learn and live the property flood resilience experience.

Shaune Worrall
Deputy Head of General Insurance

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