20th April 2021

Women outnumber men at entry-level positions in the insurance industry but representation decreases significantly in more senior roles. BIBA is working together with the ISC Group and leading industry female influencers to support the retention, attraction, and promotion of women in the insurance industry to aid culture change in leadership and improve business results for all.

The pandemic has brought with it a desire to be better connected globally. Therefore, this year, ISC Group launched a new “General Membership” which is free and offers benefits for all women in insurance.  The membership is available to any woman working in the insurance sector, globally and is designed to make career development resources and networking opportunities accessible to all.

General members get access to the ISC’s weekly live broadcasts and on-demand resources.  They also get the opportunity to participate in regional and global networking sessions throughout the year, to connect and get to know insurance professionals all around the world.

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