22nd September 2020

Mental Health First Aid England (MHFA) has launched new resources as part of its My Whole Self  wellbeing campaign and shared it with BIBA. The new resources focus on supporting Black Asian and other Ethnicity colleagues.

About the MHFA campaign

In 2020 we shouldn’t have to leave parts of our identity behind – be that our cultural or ethnic background, gender identity, sexuality, or health. But sadly, many People of Colour and Black people say they have to hide parts of their identity at work. The Race at Work: Black Voices report from Business in the Community found that 33% of Black employees feel that their ethnicity will be a barrier to their next career move compared to only 1% of White employees.

This is why phase two of My Whole Self is calling on employers to become actively anti-racist. Anti-racist workplaces will build cultures where people feel valued and safe. They will enable people to focus on the job in hand and boost productivity through innovation. Workplaces play a key role in creating a society where everyone’s mental health matters.

We would like to thank our MHFA England community for supporting the launch of My Whole Self earlier in the year. It is through your support that we are able to create such successful and meaningful campaigns, and so we hope you enjoy getting involved with phase two of My Whole Self.

How to get involved 

Here are two easy ways you can get involved with phase two of the My Whole Self campaign:


Please feel free to share the My Whole Self  resources in your own networks.

Visit BIBA’s responsibility hub to find out more about wellbeing.

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