30th June 2020

You may already be aware of BIBA’s Find Insurance Service because of the existing ‘signposting’ agreement on Age that is in place with the Government, BIBA and the ABI, where customers having difficulty finding insurance, due to their age, are signposted to an alternative solution.  Our Find Insurance Service is a recognised signposting service for this agreement.

However, the service can help all customers who are finding it challenging to access insurance, and we already help hundreds of thousands of customers every year to find a specialist insurance broker.

Many of the enquiries that we receive are from consumers who have medical conditions, have previous claims, drive imported vehicles, have criminal convictions, are older or younger drivers, have subsidence on their property or live in a flood zone – the list is endless.

We have a dedicated call centre with expert advisers who triage the calls to help people to find insurance for their specific needs. We have been able to assist many thousands of consumers and we are confident that this service could help many more, and also provide firms like yourselves with a solution for the non-standard risks that fall outside of your available markets.

I would be grateful if you could help us by raising awareness of the service with your customer facing staff so that they can direct customers, that you are unable to help, to our Find Insurance Service on 0370 950 1790 (a free service although call charges may apply). This is likely to be the quickest and most efficient way to help them, although we do also have a Facebook page and a more generic online search service.

Outlined below are some comments from our call handlers to help bring to life how we can help customers.

Any support on this would be greatly appreciated.


’Knowing that you have helped give someone who is terminally ill the possibility of making the holiday of their dreams a reality and being able to give their family members happy memories is humbling’’. Tim -Call Handler Find Insurance Service

‘’It feels great to reassure an older driver that we can still insure them once they reach 80’’. Sue -Call Handler Find Insurance Service

‘’Obtaining insurance for the first time can be a daunting experience at times. I take pride in calmly helping them through that process, knowing that they are in the best hands when I put them through to a broker’’. Jordan-Call Handler Find Insurance Service

‘’Dealing with a relative’s estate can be emotional and stressful. I listen to their needs and provide reassurance to help make it as stress free as possible’’. Rochelle -Call Handler Find Insurance Service

‘’Every day is different. Today I helped someone insure their Jelly Fish breeding business!’’ Tyler -Call Handler Find Insurance Service.

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