11th November 2020

We were alerted to an unhelpful and inaccurate item covered by Sky News on Monday which suggested that travelling on a non -essential journey would invalidate motor insurance.

We immediately checked the ABI member position on motor insurance which they confirmed as: “During lockdown the Government has advised against all but essential travel. Motor insurers continue to cover those using their vehicle for commuting to work and NHS volunteering without you having to first tell them. You should follow Government restrictions, but if you do use your car for non-essential travel, you will not risk invalidating your car insurance.”

 BIBA responded to a Sky News tweet to this effect and the ABI very quickly then contacted Sky News and they changed their story which you can read here .

Unfortunately, the story seems to have arisen from a release by U-Switch so we can’t control or know which publications have picked this up. We are contacting U Switch and the Press Association to ask for a correction.

Meanwhile we have posted on our Find Insurance Facebook page the correct position which you can point customers towards.

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