Motor insurance is compulsory in the UK under the Road Traffic Act and BIBA aims to ensure that all motorists can access affordable motor insurance suitable for their needs.

The number of uninsured motorists has been rising and BIBA, working with the Motor Insurance Bureau seeks to reduce this trend as the cost of compensation and damages resulting from accidents caused by uninsured drivers is paid for from the premiums of law abiding motorists.



Motor Insurance Guides

BIBA has put together the following motor insurance guides that will help those that find it difficult to access motor insurance. They provide tips and advise you on how to get specialist help and guidance on what you should do if you’re involved in an accident.

The world of motor insurance is extremely complex, so always talk to an insurance broker. As an independent expert, they will help you decide what sort of cover you need, and choose the right insurer to meet your requirements at the most reasonable cost.

An insurance broker will put your interests first. They work for you, not the insurance company. So you can be sure of impartial advice at all times, a choice of the products available, and a helping hand.

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Current Motor Campaigns

The insurance industry has a common goal with the Government to make roads safer. We know that the Government has been looking at a number of options to improve road safety and that work should continue.

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Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles have the potential to dramatically improve road safety and mobility.

They require an innovative approach to insurance protection, covering the traditional elements of motor insurance, and also product liability while in full autonomous mode to ensure that those involved in collisions are compensated promptly and fairly. BIBA has been in close dialogue with the Department for Transport and formed a sub-committee of its Motor Insurance Panel to consider
issues surrounding insurance for autonomous vehicles.

Andrew Jones MP, Transport Minister
Over the next few years advances in driverless vehicle technology will have a profound effect on transport, with the potential to deliver even safer roads and improve people’s journeys.
The Government is determined that Britain leads the way globally in embracing its safe development and have consulted with the
insurance industry and the public so that these vehicles can be insured properly. We look forward
to working with BIBA to help deliver a new motor insurance model for automated vehicles.”


MyLicence is an insurance industry initiative which will give brokers, insurers and other providers, the ability to make driver licence checks with the DVLA.

This will mean that information on the type of licence held, the number and type of motoring convictions can now be validated automatically and should help to prevent fraud, saving honest motorists around £15 per policy.

The biggest change that brokers will need to make is to start collecting driver licence numbers when quoting. Undergoing a licence check with MyLicence is not compulsory for policyholders, however some insurers may choose not to offer cover if a driving licence number is not supplied as they may suspect fraud.

BIBA Motor Panel committee

BIBA’s Motor Panel represents and protects the interests of BIBA members and their clients on all motor insurance related matters. The expertise and influence of the Panel is recognised not only within the insurance market but also by government, other trade bodies and the media.

Broker Magazine

BIBA produces a quarterly magazine, The Broker, which aims to give members of BIBA and relevant stakeholders information and insight about BIBA membership, initiatives and campaigns.

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