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Under statutory regulation firms have to be able to demonstrate that an individual is competent - and remains so - to undertake a specific job to meet the FCA training and competence regulations- a vital aspect of modern regulation. You must therefore decide how to establish, assess and record competence as well as keep up-to-date with the latest information. Failure to do so will effectively increase business risk.

To address these issues, BIBA and the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) have pooled expertise and resources to create an industry solution for training and competency program for the broker market. We have developed a comprehensive, co-ordinated range of online learning and assessment tools, specifically designed for the general insurance broking profession: broker ASSESS.

Regulatory Compliance

broker ASSESS is designed to help brokers with the Training and Competence (T&C) requirements for FCA regulation.

Through broker specific assessments, the tool provides an objective measure of employees’ knowledge and understanding. It identifies gaps for learning purposes so that compliance with T&C requirements can be continuously reviewed and maintained. The system also provides a robust management information system for record keeping purposes.

How broker ASSESS fits into your compliance plans


Why use an online system?

By taking advantage of an on-line system, a firm can easy access and monitor their staff’s activity on completed assessments/tutorials and evidence maintaining competence without manual intervention. Using an online solution means that access to the resource is available from anywhere and frees up space on the firms own server or network. The system can easily be kept up to date and new material can be added without the intervention of the firm.

Individuals can access the system remotely as well as at work and the responsibility for system administration and content management is owned by the provider. This frees up the firm to concentrate on using the available resources to maximum effectiveness, without worrying about how to source appropriate training or testing material.

Holding all the output of tests and on-going development within a secure database facilitates easier interrogation of the output. Rather than collating the output of different systems, or the frustration of realising that a useful analysis of the activity cannot be achieved due to a gap in the system, broker ASSESS holds all the evidence, waiting for the administrator to decide how they wish to interrogate the system.

A wide range of standard reports are available, designed in response to the users feedback, so that cross team CPD, consolidated assessment scores by competency area and targeted usage data are all already available. These reports have been designed to address the current and future needs of regulatory compliance, but rather than individual users funding the development, they are provided to all users at no extra cost.

Why keep records?

Regulators need evidence. The manner of recording and retaining evidence is the responsibility of the firm. If you can’t prove it happened, it didn’t. This is where an online system where areas of compliance weakness can be identified and appropriate remedial action put into place immediately is an essential part of your T&C solution.

How to buy Broker ASSESS

To purchase Broker ASSESS or for further information please contact:

Kirsty Wingrove
Head of Membership
Tel: 020 7397 0224

Click here to download a copy of Broker ASSESS Sales Order Form

Further Enquiries
Please contact Kirsty Wingrove
Head of Membership
020 7397 0224
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