25th April 2022

A successful signposting Agreement launched between the Government, BIBA and the Association of British Insurers (ABI) in April 2012 has led to ten years of help for older consumers accessing travel and motor insurance, and more than 860,000 enquiries to BIBA’s Find Insurance Service.

Under the ‘signposting’ Agreement on Age and Insurance, if an insurer or insurance broker is unable to offer cover to an older motorist or holidaymaker because their age is above any upper age limits they have, then they automatically refer the customer to an alternative provider who can meet their needs or to a dedicated signposting service such as BIBA’s Find Insurance Service on 0370 950 1790 or www.biba.org.uk/find-insurance

John Glen MP, Economic Secretary to the Treasury commented: “I am delighted that ten years after launching in 2012, the signposting agreement between the Government, BIBA and the Association of British Insurers has helped many older consumers access travel and motor insurance, with nearly 900,000 enquiries in total. I look forward to the continued success of the scheme and to working with the sector to ensure consumers can access the insurance they need.”

The Agreement helps older people find the essential cover they need when they may previously have struggled to find suitable insurance.  BIBA’s telephone triage process links those seeking insurance with an appropriate BIBA member broker that can assess their insurance needs and source an appropriate policy.  This month marks the ten-year anniversary of the agreement which has been reviewed and renewed three times since its launch in 2012.

Graeme Trudgill, BIBA’s Executive Director, added: “We are incredibly proud to have helped so many people in need during the past ten years. Finding suitable insurance can be an enormous challenge for many people and this signposting Agreement has made such a difference.  Our contact centre team help people daily and hear directly how signposting helps.   Access to travel and motor Insurance enables older people to live their lives to the full and we will continue on our mission to help many more people access the insurance they need through specialist brokers.”

James Dalton, Director, General Insurance Policy, Association of British Insurers, said: “The signposting agreement continues to play a key role in helping older customers get the motor and travel insurance that they need.  While these markets are competitive for many, for some older people accessing cover can feel daunting, and the agreement offers crucial help for many to get the motor and travel insurance that they need.”

This was the first signposting agreement that led the way to improving access to insurance for consumers with non-standard requirements. Other similar collaboration followed to help different types of customers find insurance.

Other signposting initiatives to make access to insurance easier include work between BIBA and the Ministry of Defence (MoD) in 2016 to encourage ‘signposting’ to appropriate brokers that specialise in cover for military personnel, and in 2020 a Protection Insurance Signposting Agreement was launched to help people with disabilities and pre-existing medical conditions access income protection, critical illness and life insurance.

In January 2021 the FCA confirmed that BIBA’s Travel Medical Insurance Directory met their criteria for a ‘medical cover firm directory’ as part of new rules to help signpost travellers with medical conditions to a specialist directory.  Most recently in February this year BIBA, the ABI and Flood Re launched a signposting solution and Flood Insurance Directory to help householders who are struggling to obtain flood cover access the insurance they need.

How signposting helps (case studies approved for use)

1.      Case study One

Jayne Carson, 70, will be celebrating her wedding anniversary with her husband in California, where they got married 27 years ago – a trip that was cancelled in 2020 due to Covid-19. But with the holiday rebooked for this year Jayne faced a new challenge of finding travel insurance as her bank could no longer insure her because of her age. Jayne commented: “It seems that when you get to 70 that you get dumped in terms of travel insurance.”  Jayne explained that she has recently had a number of difficult but not serious health conditions and because of her age, and being on waiting lists for consultations, the travel insurance companies that she contacted couldn’t help her.  Jayne added: “It’s all tick boxes, and you can’t speak to anybody.” Luckily Jayne was signposted to the BIBA Find Insurance Service who put her in contact with AllClear Travel Insurance who have provided insurance for the holiday.  Jayne was delighted: “I’m so grateful that someone could cover us.  We had decided that we are going on the trip regardless because Covid already came along and ruined our 25th wedding anniversary holiday, but thankfully AllClear were able to help. We can’t wait to go back to the USA where we got married and have had many memorable trips.”

AllClear CEO, Chris Rolland added “We’re a business that, along with BIBA, is committed to providing solutions where very often there doesn’t appear to be any for some of the most vulnerable people in our society.  We’re delighted that Jayne and her husband found the BIBA Find Insurance Service and even more thrilled that AllClear was recommended to help in this instance, particularly as it was a very special occasion being celebrated.  The happy couple can now hopefully travel with peace of mind knowing they are covered by our comprehensive travel insurance policy.  We would never recommend travelling uninsured to anyone, even more so when it involves a trip to the States where costs can be extremely high and where there are pre-existing medical conditions.  If in doubt always speak to a specialist broker with expertise in this area.”

2.      Case Study Two
An 86 year old was refused motor insurance by a number of insurance organisations because of his age. He was repeatedly told by the companies he approached that they could only offer motor insurance to drivers under the age of 80. He was signposted to BIBA by one of the companies who could not help him. The BIBA telephone Find Insurance Service put him in touch with BIBA member AJ Insurance who were able to provide motor insurance for him. He commented: “The service was really good and more than I expected. I’ve been driving for more than 60 years so it really means a lot to me to be able to continue to do so. Not only did AJ Insurance find my motor insurance but they also went above and beyond and helped me with an historical problem I was having with the DVLA.”

3.      Case Study Three

Mr Lamont (76) was told by his bank that they would no longer offer him travel insurance because of his age and his medical conditions. He has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease and his wife has

Alzheimer’s disease. Mr Lamont contacted an alternative insurance company but was told that they were unable to provide cover for the same reasons. However, they directed him to the BIBA Find Insurance Service for help. Mr Lamont contacted BIBA in May 2021 and after explaining what he needed, he was put through to specialist broker, AllClear Travel Insurance who were able to provide travel insurance for Mr Lamont and his wife. Mr Lamont said: “The specialist broker was able to cover everything that we needed, and although travel insurance costs go up as you get older, I am content with the price. The service was all very professional.”

4. Case Study Four
Elaine Davies (58) signed up to a 90km charity trek across Cuba to raise £2000 for Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff but ran into trouble when she searched for travel insurance.  The medic from the project advised her to ensure that she had adequate travel insurance including cover for medical expenses for any pre-existing medical conditions, but Elaine found that her bank policy, and other standard insurance providers wouldn’t cover her two previous heart attacks, her heart condition, fibromyalgia, blood pressure, cholesterol, Barrettes oesophagus, or her arthritic knee.   Concerned for the trip, Elaine described obtaining adequate insurance as a “challenge” as all the initial places that she contacted wanted to exclude her conditions, or the cost of the cover was “extortionate” for a 10-day trip.  Elaine explained: “It’s a real pain as my conditions are not life threatening and I want to continue to live life to the full”. She sought advice from the British Heart Foundation who referred her to BIBA’s Find Insurance Service who put her in contact with specialist broker Just Travel Cover. They were able to provide comprehensive travel insurance including cover for her medical conditions, meaning that Elaine has peace of mind that her trip can go ahead as planned.  Elaine said that finding cover at a fair price was such a “relief” and that BIBA’s service, and its specialist brokers would be her “go to place for any travel insurance now!”



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