Recognised as the most innovative vendor in Digital Transaction Management and a worldwide leader in electronic signature, RPost® specialises in premium, integrated and cost-effective solutions to help businesses manage their digital transactions in a secure and compliant manner, since 2000.

Whether interacting with customers, brokers, or colleagues, RPost® three main platforms—RMail®, RSign®, and RDocs™—seamlessly integrate into any technology stack, enhancing your digital communication and transaction capabilities.

RMail® harmoniously integrates into any existing security stack to complement it with enterprise-grade privacy, security and compliance functionalities. Our flexible deployment options allow organisations to automate any combination of features at the server level, as well as in the inbox with out-of-the-box integrations for common business tools like Microsoft Outlook, Salesforce, and more.

Key features: 

  • Registered Email™: tracks and proves important communications, and provides a Registered Receipt™ email record for court-admissible proof of content delivered.
  • Dynamic Encryption™: provides the easiest experience for readers, and guarantees 100% privacy compliance.
  • Legal document signoff
  • Share large files securely up to 1gb.
  • Email Eavesdropping™ Detection: Detects BEC and sophisticated cybercriminal payment lures even at the recipient’s end.
  • AI-Infused DLP and Human Error Detection integrated into the email sending platform

RMail® combines all these solutions into one place with simple plug-in to Outlook, Office 365, Gmail and more. Meaning that you can create your email, select the feature needed and send – easy as 1,2,3! RMail® is quick to install, easy to use and trusted by over 25 million people worldwide.

RSign® is the award-winning eSign & eForms solution by RPost®, recognised as a worldwide leader by IDC. RSign® empowers brokers to easily manage signoff workflows, like TOBA and policy related documents, in compliance with eSignature, privacy and FCA consumer duty regulations.

Accelerate your business processes, and significantly reduce your eSignature costs.

Drag and drop to quickly convert any document into an eSign-ready form. Standardise enterprise eSign workflows with shareable templates. Use RForms™ powerful e-forms for on-demand data capture and signoff. Track the status of eSign requests in real time. Deliver eSign requests via email and/or SMS to expedite signoff. Send multiple individual eSign requests at once with Bulk Send. Use RSign® intuitive platform or integrate eSignatures into your workflows. And more.

RDocs™ is the most innovative solution for secure document sharing. RDocs™ allows to monitor who is reading what, where, when and how many times, and provides the sender with a remote control to expire or kill access to documents after the share. For readers it is just like opening any PDF.
Restrict access by geolocation, IP address, domain and more. Disable printing and forwarding. ID Leakers with cutting-edge steganographic technology. And more.

All BIBA brokers can have the service free of charge with up to 2 RMail® messages, 2 RSign® envelopes per month and 20 RDocs™ units, plus you will receive a discount on the full RPost® suite.

Special offer for BIBA Members – a discount on the full RPost® suite. Get in touch to find out more!

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