Acquiring new business and retaining clients are two of the most important aspects for any broker. That’s why we’ve developed FullCircl SmartBrokerTM, which provides the information you need to succeed.

SmartBroker equips commercial lines brokers with rich, contextualised company information on every business in the UK and Ireland and increases sales distribution capacity. By leveraging data-driven insights, brokers can identify new opportunities and build strong, long-term relationships that drive growth and revenue while assisting with regulatory compliance.

FullCircl is a market leader in Customer Lifecycle Intelligence platform for regulated businesses in the UK & Ireland.

Trusted by 9 out of the top 10 UK brokers and 40 of the top 50, plus many more independent brokers, FullCircl’s technology is proven to help improve customer relationships.

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Key benefits to members

FullCircl’s SmartBroker platform enables brokers to:

Prospect with precision

FullCircl holds company data on over 5m companies in the UK alone; powerful filters allow you to refine those companies down to a targeted prospecting list.

Harnessing structured and unstructured insights provides opportunities to engage, establish credibility, and create new leads with well-timed, relevant outreach that differentiates you from competitors and increases chances of securing that next meeting.

Data-driven insights to tailor outreach

Receive insights about key changes to your prospects and clients, such as management changes, award wins, contract wins & expansion or changes to their risk profile; allowing you to provide relevant support and guidance when they need it most.

FullCircl also provides you with key market insights on changes in legislation, HSE activity and potential exposures that affect your client’s business activities.

Prepare better underwriting submissions

Leveraging data-driven customer intelligence will ensure no knowledge gaps and that the submission process is aligned with customer needs and the requirements of tougher risk-averse underwriting conditions.

FullCircl can help by providing access to key financial information; details of any previous adverse directorships (liquidations, bankruptcies etc.) and legal information, such as CCJs; combined with details of the corporate family tree, shareholdings, and people data, you can ensure you produce comprehensive, full, and detailed submissions every time.

Increase client retention 

Don’t get blindsided by significant changes to your client’s business and risk portfolio at renewal. FullCircl flags potential issues and reasons to engage throughout the period of cover. Be alerted to changes in management; potential mergers and acquisitions; change of premises; relationship triggers, such as award wins; potential financial risks and opportunities.

Cultivate existing book of business

FullCircl’s daily insights into your client’s world are the perfect way to trigger the conversation about additional product lines. Upselling and cross-selling mean that not only are policies per account more profitable, but it fosters a stronger sense of trust, establishing the broker as an advisor rather than simply a service provider.

SmartBroker helps improve your client and sector knowledge and continuously monitor for key financial changes and company news updates, helping you improve your underwriting submissions and obtain a fair price for your customers and the benefits they require.

Help meet new regulatory requirements

To assist with meeting regulatory requirements, SmartBroker’s functionality makes it easy to research your customers and help you in delivering good outcomes and minimising their exposure, by identifying products and services that may meet their contextual needs.

“FullCircl is different, it doesn’t just present you with static data, it gives you the ‘why’ factor – a legitimate reason to get in touch and build credibility.”

 Amanda Duffield, Director of Sales Operations, Europe, WTW

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