19th February 2020

The instances of Coronavirus/Covid-19 are continuing to rise and on 11 March the World Health Organisation declared the disease a pandemic. In addition, the UK Government has advised anyone over the age of 70 not to go on a cruise and is advising against travel to many countries.

We would strongly advise anyone travelling to look at the guidance issued by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) which is updated on a regular basis.

You can also read  FCO’s Travel advice: coronavirus (COVID-19) for their latest advice.

Travel insurance 

Because the World Health Organisation has declared a pandemic situation most insurance policies will exclude claims arising from Coronavirus/Covid-19 going forward and it may be much more difficult to obtain new travel insurance.

BIBA is consulting with members and will update this information soon.

BIBA member Tangiers Insurance have high-risk policies that can cover trips to areas where the FCO has advised against travel and you may wish to discuss your insurance options with them.

BIBA members travel insurance contacts

BIBA members can access BIBA’s medical travel insurance schemes from All Clear Insurance.


You can find a BIBA broker online or via the telephone 0370 950 1790 

If you are concerned about a trip you have booked,  in the first instance, you should speak to your travel agent, tour operator, or airline.

If you are travelling to areas where the FCO has advised against travel –  for any reason the following BIBA member may be able to help and you may wish to discuss your insurance needs and options with them.


Tangiers Insurance Services (Battleface product)

Tel. +44 2036 081 283
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.battleface.com


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