5th November 2020

Today in our Journalist & Media Awards  we announced the winner of our Best Investigative Journalism Award, judged by Sonya Bryson, Divisional Director at NIG.

Sonya said the article was well written, easy to read for those that have no prior knowledge or detailed understanding of insurance fraud and particularly liked the “dedication to the cause” by going undercover to expose the harsh realities that so many face.  A great piece to raise awareness of this tricky subject.

Best Investigative Journalism Award 

Winner:  Dean Sobers, Which? Money


This afternoon in our Journalist & Media Awards we announced our winner of the Best Campaign Award judged by Clare LeBecq, Chief Executive of The London Market Group.

Claire gave the award to the winner as she felt that they created a great forum for people to share experiences. Claire was lucky enough to speak at one of the events and thought it was a bonus these events were free to attend.

Best Campaign Award

Winner:  The Insurance Insider Team’s, Insider Progress

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