17th August 2022

The Independent Review of Flood Insurance in Doncaster, published in November 2020, recommended a means of providing easier access to suitable and affordable insurance products to help those living in flood-prone areas. Following the report and working closely with DEFRA, BIBA, the ABI and Flood Re began a project to use the tried and tested practice of signposting to enable better access to insurance.

In February we announced the launch of a new directory of specialist flood insurance providers to help more householders who are struggling to obtain flood cover access the insurance they need.

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Flooding can be devastating. The emotional and financial consequences felt by individuals, families and communities can last for a long time. It’s likely that climate change could make things even worse by increasing the frequency and severity of flooding and putting more homes across the UK at risk. Make sure you and your loved ones have the right cover.


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FLOOD INSURANCE DIRECTORY – The insurance sector pulls together to help those at risk of flood.

Search The Flood Insurance directory now…


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FLOOD INSURANCE DIRECTORY – BIBA, Association of British Insurers and Flood Re collaborated to help householders who are struggling to obtain flood cover access the insurance they need.

In February we launched the new Flood Insurance Directory. The new Directory lists specialist firms that are well placed to find insurance solutions for households struggling to obtain flood cover and can be found on the BIBA website.



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FLOOD INSURANCE DIRECTORY If you need assistance navigating our flood directory call the BIBA Find Insurance team on 0370 950 1790

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FLOOD INSURANCE DIRECTORY If you need home insurance including flood cover use one of our specialist providers.

Read more www.biba.org.uk/flood-insurance-directory

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Read more in our flood insurance leaflet:


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