15th June 2023

BIBA is delighted to welcome Flotilla Group, who aim to help support BIBA members with their own sustainability ambitions, as a BIBA associate.

Flotilla is a carbon accounting firm and Net Zero delivery partner.  They combine technology, science-based intellect and expertise to equip businesses with end-to-end solutions that enable them to develop, execute and measure a Net Zero strategy that not only makes a difference but makes commercial sense too.

John Rastrick, Founder & CEO at Flotilla commented: “Taking action on sustainability can help solve some of the key challenges insurance brokers are currently facing: attracting and retaining the best talent, taking advantage of technology, reducing costs, identifying new business opportunities, and gaining competitive advantage. And yet many are struggling to take their first steps towards Net Zero.

“In our experience, this is usually because they don’t know where to start, they’re not sure what is realistic to achieve, or they don’t have a clear and realistic plan for achieving their sustainability goals. Our offer to BIBA members addresses this, providing simple yet robust and authentic Net Zero Plans that any business of any size can achieve.”

Flotilla is already working with several insurance companies, including Wealthify (part of Aviva Group), AllClear Travel Insurance and JMG Group. AllClear started working with Flotilla earlier this year to calculate the company’s carbon footprint and will soon be in a position to unveil its Net Zero strategy.

AllClear’s Head of Corporate Affairs Garry Nelson is part of the senior team leading on the implementation of the company’s ESG strategy. He says: “As is the case in many sectors, the big players in the insurance industry are leading the charge on sustainability, and their focus is inevitably on addressing the issues that matter most to clients.

“This leaves many smaller brokers asking themselves ‘what can I do?’ and ‘where do I start?’. Based on our experience so far at AllClear, I’d say to other brokers that because our industry is so strictly regulated, you are probably further along on your ESG journey than you think.

“I would also say that when it comes to environmental sustainability, business size isn’t important. There are things we can all do – from big corporates making big changes to small high street brokers taking action at a local level – which will have a positive impact.

“Having the opportunity to work with Flotilla enables brokers to see what their carbon footprint looks like now, helps them establish where they want it to be, and supports them through a realistic plan for getting there.  It will make a big difference to many businesses in our sector.”

Exclusive BIBA Member Offer

Flotilla has developed a bespoke package for BIBA members starting from as little as £1,500 initial sign up and Carbon Reporting fee, plus £375 per month for Net Zero planning and delivery and ongoing support.

Sign up before the end of September 2023 and receive a 20% discount.  Or 10% discount if you sign up between October and December 2023.

We look forward to working with the team at Flotilla.

BIBA members can find out more on their website or get in touch here https://www.flotillaworld.com/biba/ or email [email protected] and quote BIBA20 to access their exclusive limited time offer.

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