Flood Advice

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BIBA advises households caught in flooding to take note of the following points

  • Temporary emergency repairs at a reasonable cost should be paid by the insurers, but make sure you keep all of your receipts
  • Many home insurance policies and business policies cover flood and  water damage.  However, its important you check the exclusions or excesses  in the policy that may affect the cover.
  • If your car has suffered as a result of the flooding, this should be covered by a comprehensive motor policy.  If your car has been standing in water for any length of time, you should have it checked as the brakes or other components might be affected
  • If your home has been made uninhabitable, the reasonable cost of alternative accommodation will usually be met , up to stated limits, by your insurer
  • You should always try to salvage your belongings but without putting yourself at personal risk
  • Contact your insurance company, broker or agent as soon as possible for advice on how to progress your claim

Each year millions of people are potentially at risk from the consequences of heavy rainfall and each year many fall victim to swelling rivers, torrential downpours or full blown flooding. There is nothing any of us can do about the forces of nature but we can all act to reduce the potential damage.”

BIBA advises those in flood-prone areas to reduce the risk of flood damage by:

  • contacting your insurance broker as soon as possible as they can often offer helpful advice in this situation to help you to reduce the possibility of the damage getting any worse
  • moving as much as possible upstairs as soon as you hear the flood alert
  • remembering that doors and windows may be swollen tight and floors may bulge therefore making buildings unsafe following a flood
  • electricity and gas should be switched off and mains drinking water should not be consumed as it may have become contaminated – wait until the green light is given before using any of these utilities
  • pulling furniture away from walls to prevent further damage
  • drying out a building can take months so don’t be in a hurry to redecorate
  • treating walls with an anti-mould solution before decorating
  • make sure you keep a copy of important telephone numbers and policy documents in a safe and easy to find place
  • Call the 24 hour Environment Agency floodline on 0845 988 1188 for information on flooding in your area

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