The insurance industry has never been more competitive, and it’s changing faster than ever. So who better to take on the challenge of highlighting the opportunities and guiding you past the potential obstacles than BIBA, the broking industry’s voice of authority.

Being a not for profit organisation, we always put the needs and aspirations of our members first. BIBA’s board includes practising brokers and intermediaries, both large and small, who ensure that the Association is run entirely for the benefit of its membership. Find out why membership could be for you by watching our short video, see our Member Benefits brochure and view some of the benefits of becoming a BIBA member below:

BIBA maintains high-level links with the government, the ABI, the major insurers and all senior organisations in the financial sector. In partnership with leading bodies and to the benefit of all brokers and intermediaries, BIBA continues to work closely with the FCA to help ensure a fair, equitable and workable regulatory regime for the broking industry.

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BIBA’s technical services department helps members with a wide range of queries, including advice on technical matters and dispute resolution. Our regional forums and other initiatives provide members with the opportunity to gather valuable information and exchange views.

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BIBA offers members a range of compliance support, including email enquiries, regular online updates on regulatory matters, Compliance Rules (BIBA’s quarterly compliance newsletter), access to the BIBA Compliance Manual and the BIBA Compliance Initiative.

An online training and competency program developed jointly with the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII) and BIBA. Through broker specific assessments, broker ASSESS provides an objective measure of employees’ knowledge and understanding. It helps to identify gaps for learning purposes so that compliance with Training and Competence requirements can be continuously reviewed and maintained. The system also provides the learning material to meet these learning needs.

A free 14-day trial is available  Click here for further information or contact Diane Smyllie via [email protected]

BIBA has a range of exclusive schemes and facilities available only to members ranging from an award-winning travel scheme to a bespoke members’ P.I. insurance scheme.

Please take a few moments to look at the schemes section of our website by clicking here to see how they can enhance your business.

The BIBA Manifesto has been created following broad consultation with our members, regions and committees, and summarises the critical representation issues of the association; more detailed Manifesto information is on the following page.

BIBA provides its members with the latest information and advice on the broadest range of topical insurance subjects. The member’s only section of our website (password protected) currently has member bulletins on all relevant insurance subjects or topics. The Broker, BIBA’s magazine, keeps members informed of facilities, services and news.

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Being a strongly democratic organisation, BIBA is proud of its regional structure.  Each region may have its own local issues and concerns which BIBA is uniquely placed to deal with. The regions also offer members the opportunity to network with other brokers,  the BIBA team and other industry professionals to share issues and forge future relationships.

You can take a tour of the regional section of our website by clicking here.

Our annual conference is recognised as the networking event of the year and attracts more than 7,000 attendees. Registration is free for all employees of all BIBA members. Click here for an update on this year’s conference.

Lead generation from Find Insurance Service online which helps hundreds of thousands of customers to find BIBA member brokers every year

As the UK’s leading broker and intermediary organisation, BIBA is uniquely positioned to provide members with briefings and advice on all aspects of the insurance industry. Equally important is the practical, business-building support which BIBA ‘s whole range of services provides.

Our exclusive schemes and business services alone are worth the cost of membership. The combination of leadership, expertise and business support means that membership of BIBA is one of the most important decisions you’ll make this year and also one of the most cost effective.

Subscription rates are for a full calendar year. If you join after 1st January, your subscription is calculated on a monthly pro rata basis.  To calculate your firms’ subscription band count the number of customer facing staff/directors dealing with UK business only.  Any part-time staff included can be counted as half but final count should be rounded up.

Band No.of Staff 2022 subs
Band 1 1-5 £547.00
Band 2 6-9 £1,090.00
Band 3 10-24 £1,633.00
Band 4 25-49 £2,722.00
Band 5 50-99 £4,354.00


Members can pay their subscription by BACS, Cheque, credit card, BIBA’s own interest free direct debit facility click here to access direct debit mandate or contact directly one of a number of finance houses available in the market in order to arrange funding for their membership fees.


The BIBA Availability Framework has been created to assist members understand the baseline ability of different software houses to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information and their availability of service.


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BIBA has reached an agreement with the Worldwide Broker Network (WBN) which will facilitate the introduction of BIBA member firms to one of their member firms in an EU state in order to enable you to continue to help your EU based clients.

WBN has a member operating in each EU country, and all of their members have undergone a rigorous vetting process and importantly have international employees who are English speaking.

A BIBA member that needs assistance with an EU client will be introduced by WBN to an appropriate member. Once the introduction is made, neither WBN or BIBA will have any further involvement meaning that you have control of the relationship and terms of business with the EU broker. You will also be able to agree on the scope of services (e.g. placement, renewals, claims management) and compensation directly.

This agreement will provide some certainty and continuity to BIBA members and their EU clients while we await further development regarding any trade agreement providing access to the single market.

As the mechanics are finalised we will share these with you so that you can benefit from this important arrangement.

For further information please contact:

Warren Lai
Towergate International
0161 214 0987
0 7826 857 055 | E: [email protected]

Jack Keilty
Price Forbes
0207 015 2760
07384 112432
[email protected]

Further Information

These are just some of the benefits of BIBA membership. If you would like any further information about the products and services BIBA provides to members, please contact:

Diane Smyllie
Membership Manager
Tel: 020 7397 0205
Email: [email protected]

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