The insurance industry has never been more competitive, and it’s changing faster than ever. So who better to take on the challenge of highlighting the opportunities and guiding you past the potential obstacles than BIBA, the broking industry’s voice of authority.

Being a not for profit organisation, we always put the needs and aspirations of our members first. BIBA’s board entirely consisted of practicing brokers and intermediaries both large and small who ensure that the Association is run entirely for the benefit of its membership.

We represent and protect the best interests of general insurance brokers and intermediaries

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Representing you Locally

BIBA has a flourishing regional organisation, covering every part of the UK. This means that we have not only nationwide reach, but also extensive and valuable grass-roots knowledge of the insurance needs of every area of the country.

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BIBA Schemes & Facilities

BIBA Schemes provide exclusive products that add value and provide new opportunities for members by offering access that may not otherwise be available.

BIBA has negotiated bespoke products with a number of specialist service providers to offer members a wide range of exclusive schemes to offer to your clients. These add strength to your business by providing you with with essential tools you need to retain a competitive edge.   See the full range of BIBA schemes available to members

Update Details

Update details – you can update your company information, e.g. Company name, address, main contacts and classes of insurance.  You will require your member id and password – if you need any assistance please contact the Membership Department on 0344 7700 266.

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Insurance Brokers' good practice guide


At its launch BIBA’s IBSC agreed that it would be of benefit to members to create a living, breathing good practice guide containing the particular areas of broking where we have an agreed benchmark of good practice and set a standard.

The role of the IBSC is to codify and provide guidance in respect of good and reasonable practice for the benefit of BIBA members and others.

This online publication contains voluntary good practice guidance – there is no suggestion that any members must work this way.

Please follow the link to check the Insurance Brokers’ good practice guide

Software House Project

The BIBA Availability Framework has been created to assist members understand the baseline ability of different software houses to protect the confidentiality and integrity of information and their availability of service.

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