BIBA information on travel insurance relating to airline failure (Monarch)

2nd October 2017

BIBA is always sorry to see any business have to cease trading and the problems have come to light at Monarch are reportedly affecting hundreds of thousands of holiday makers. Travel insurance is a vital part of any planned holiday and the importance of suitable cover is highlighted by major events such as these.

Travel insurance is designed to protect travellers against a variety of different risks including cancellation, medical emergency or illness and supplier failure. However, consumers need to check the cover they buy carefully because not all polices, include cover against airline failure.

As a result of Monarch’s failure, we understand that the Civil Aviation Authority has already confirmed that it is co-ordinating flights back to the UK for the 110,000 customers currently overseas and that there is no need for them to cut short their holiday.

Anyone booked to travel on a Monarch flight or who has booked a package holiday is advised to consult the CAA website which has comprehensive advice on what to do next and how to claim a refund.

Many customers will be protected, either through Monarch’s ATOL Certificate, or because their booking was made by credit card. Those customers who find themselves not eligible for compensation should contact their insurance broker or travel insurance company to check if airline failure is covered.

The BIBA accredited travel scheme through DTW1991 does include cover for airline failure. To access it – find a BIBA broker at

For existing customers The DTW1991 claims line can be contacted on Tel: 01623 683 585 or email [email protected].