BIBA and its members recognise the importance of the claims process and have worked on a number of initiatives to look at solutions that will improve customer claims outcomes.

These include actively supporting the Insurance Act 2015 through Parliament, which will ensure that claims are paid where a breach of warranty doesn’t affect the loss and campaigning for damages for late payment of claims to be included in the Enterprise Bill, as well as establishing an industry-wide Claims Working Group.

BIBA has also produced a ‘Small business insurance guide for Dummies’. One of the successes of BIBA-led Industry Claims Working Group has been the production, in association with AXA, of around 40 guides for customers on the common issues that can impede claims payments.

BIBA Claims Working Group

The Industry Claims Working Group, chaired by BIBA, brings together industry stakeholders with the aim of ensuring customers receive a positive claims experience.

The Industry Claims Working Group supports the positive progress made in the ‘Airmic Efficacy of Business Insurance guide’, launched in May 2014.

BIBA is working with AXA to provide advice to brokers on the common reasons why claims are repudiated in the UK market and such losses can be avoided.

The working group aims to:

  1. Engage positively with the FCA thematic review
  2. Discuss ways to enhance the customer’s experience and understanding of the claims process
  3. Foster wider public understanding of the role of the insurance industry in meeting claims

Claims Working Group in Broker Magazine

We featured an article explaining what the BIBA Claims Working Group do to help

Claims Working Group Blog

Andrew Gibbons is Chairman of the Claims Working Group.

Andrew Gibbons - Chairman of the Claims Working GroupKeep up to date with what the Industry Claims Initiative is trying to achieve within the claims arena, with a view to improving the experience of claims for our customers.

Read Andrew Gibbon’s blog

Andrew regularly contributes to Modern Claims Magazine, click here to view articles

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Any issues can be referred to the group and we will welcome your interaction.

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Committed to simplifying claims

BIBA has supported AXA's with its claims transparency initiative designed to make the claims process much clearer for customers.

AXA has produced a set of documents, to supplement the policy wording, which cut through the jargon and legalistic style to highlight in plain English, simple measures that customers can take to help them avoid breaching the policy terms and having a claim turned down.

Read full article – AXA and BIBA to deliver greater transparency to claims process

Making Fraud Prevention Clear

BIBA worked with AXA to open up a new front in the fight against fraud, educating customers on the definition, consequences and wider impact of committing fraud.

Making Fraud Prevention Clear uses the successful approach adopted for the award-winning Making Claims Clear initiative by delivering concise, easy to understand information to customers via their broker to encourage a broader discussion of the topic and the related risks.

BIBA supports launch of AXA’s fraud prevention guide – read the full article

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