I. 6 Marketing & Sales

Some helpful guides to marketing can be accessed in Section D.2 of this guide. Depending on its nature a firm may choose to use an external agency for some or all of its marketing, social media or public relations which may save valuable internal resource.

I.6.1 Business launch checklist

I.6.1.1 Launch

  • Have a marketing sales and PR plan ( see the sales/marketing actions template here)
  • Consider launch events and media contact
  • Advertising, print, broadcast and digital plans
  • Social Media set up relevant platforms
  • Fix launch date

I.6.1.2 Website

  • Acquire website & email domains
  • Initial scoping of website and wireframe (which lays out content and functionality)
  • Consider employing a web agency
  • Create copy for website
  • Design and copyright any brand logo

I.6.1.3 Customer segmentation

  • Work on target groups for specific campaigns
  • Create campaign codes for any enquiry/acquisition system

I.6.1.4 Marketing collateral

  • Brochure ware and materials for generic comms
  • Digital executions
  • Letterhead and other materials

I.6.1.5 Digital

  • Initial emails
  • Comms calendar
  • Content plan and collateral
  • Research webinar subject matter and produce content
  • Social Media

I.6.2 IT, Software house and phone systems

The selection and appointment of IT, quotation and systems can be a crucial decision. Good practice would be to consider both the current and future business operating model in line with the business plan and build a requirements document in that way.

I.6.2.1 Research available solutions

  • Understand of implementation
  • Due diligence & cost comparisons
  • Server location and security

I.6.2.2 Research on broker operating systems 

  • Check the BIBA Availability Framework
  • Initial meeting and consultation
  • Costing acquired and checked
  • Designed & ready for test
  • Implementation (Go-Live)
  • Structural Cabling/Networking completed
  • Roll out of IT hardware
  • Structuring of pc’s or virtual desktops
  • Profiles/roles for staff
  • Security permissions
  • Printer roll-out and relevant package
  • Set operating platform for general email etc