Trade Credit Insurance Scheme

CMR Insurance Services Limited has been providing credit insurance to prudent successful businesses across the UK for more than 27 years. Their clients range from start-ups to major corporations in almost every key sector of business and industry. What is common to all is an excellent service that is the trademark of CMR.

Why should you refer your clients?

When you deal with CMR you deal with some of the most personable and knowledgeable individuals in credit risk management. They meet with all new clients prior to the commencement of their cover so they can be assured of a full understanding of the policy.

Your clients are safe with CMR as they only offer credit insurance and do not act as brokers for any other insurance products.

Benefits for your clients

The primary benefit of credit insurance is protection against bad debt caused by insolvency, cash-flow issues and political risks (export risk). Companies who use credit insurance also benefit from:

  • Improved cash-flow – the policy works with their credit control and enhances it.
  • Increased new business and repeat sales – protection provided by the policy encourages exploring new markets. Offering credit terms is also a good selling point for winning and keeping business.
  • Better terms from suppliers – their supplier gains confidence that customers will not fail due to a bad debt.
  • Up-to-date credit information – CMR is guaranteed current information and so can anticipate and prevent problems for them.
  • Reduced debt collection and legal costs – debt recovery action is also covered under the managed credit insurance policy. Consequently, clients can reduce costs of debt recovery.

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