Trade Credit Insurance Scheme

CMR, part of PIB Group, and the Appointed Representative of Atradius, a world-leading trade credit insurer. We supply a managed trade credit insurance policy that protects businesses that offer credit terms to their customers against the risk of non-payment. This B2B insurance policy protects
against the risk of a customer failing to pay an invoice in an agreed time frame. If payment is not forthcoming, the insurer
will pay a claim against that loss.

Target risks

  • UK businesses trading with domestic and/or export
  • Companies that offer or intend to offer credit terms to
    their clients
  • Companies looking to protect their largest asset, their trade debtors

Key policy features

  • Protection against the risk of non-payment
  • Helps to improve cash-flow
  • Up-to-date credit information on key clientsIncreased new business and repeat sales

Key benefits to members

  • Instant access to an experienced, knowledgeable and
    dedicated team
  • Help your clients stay competitive – your clients can use
    trade credit insurance to offer extended credit terms to
    their customers
  • We handle all client matters regarding the policy on your
  • Enhanced commission

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