RMail Registered Email Service


RMail Registered Email provides the sender a registered receipt giving legal proof of sending, content and delivery 100% of the time, and opening.  It’s like recorded delivery for email.

A faster, more secure and lower cost alternative to post or couriers, the service is ideal for brokers wanting to speed up critical communications, cut costs and demonstrate compliance. Accessed via a choice of simple free desktop, mobile or web apps, RMail enables you to deliver important and sensitive correspondence by email instantly and securely, at the click of a button.

The built-in encryption option ensures messages and attachments are securely protected, helping brokers to meet their data security obligations. Electronic signature features allow brokers to obtain multiple legal signatures on contracts instantly via email, helping to close business quicker, save valuable time and reduce the need for chasing.

RMail is the ideal solution for sending all insurance communications including quotations, coverage documents, ‘meeting clients’ needs’, TCF, the Insurance Act and other compliance documentation, notices, instructions, invoices and any communications requiring encryption of personal, sensitive or confidential data.

Value to BIBA Members

Cost savings – Eliminate postage, stationery and printing costs

Time savings – Send all correspondence at the click of a button

Legal back up – Receive legal proof of exactly who sent what to whom and when

Compliance – demonstrable proof needed to comply with ICOBs, TCF and best practice

Security – avoidance of data confidentiality breaches


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Registered Email Service


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