RMail Registered Email Service

Email encryption, proof of compliance and e-contracts and Security Gateway. RMail is a simple email add-in providing essential tools for broker communications, including email encryption, full auditability for proof of privacy compliance (GDPR), delivery and precise message content.

RMail includes anti-fraud tools to protect against financial ‘CEO’ fraud, as well as email to email e-contracts and secure large file transfer.

Security Gateway from RPost protects your email servers and includes fully managed email archiving, with antivirus, spam, phishing and business email compromise threats.

RMail works with Outlook, Office 365, Gmail and numerous other platforms, including Acturis and Applied Systems.

Key benefits to members

  • Improved cyber security – protect secure information with
    simple 1-click encryption of messages and a free of charge
    secure reply service for your clients; plus a new imposter
    financial fraud detection feature to help prevent ‘CEO Fraud’,
    aka whaling
  • Tangible cost savings – significantly reduce postage costs and
    evidence compliance with a legally admissible email audit trail
  • e-Contracting – reduce turnaround times and get legally binding
    sign-off from your clients, i.e., SOFs, with e-Signatures
  • Send secure emails up to 1GB in size

Special offer for BIBA Members
Every BIBA broker can use the service free of charge with up to five RMail messages per month, plus a discount on the standard RMail offerings


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Registered Email Service


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