Marketplace by Worry+Peace is an all-new reviews-led marketplace setup in 2019.

Find out why so many providers sign-up and this platform gets called a “no-brainer”.

Our platform is unique because it offers Reviews tool for your buyers – as well as connecting to boost your distribution strategy. That means we offer the added prospect of demand generation, too.

Worry+Peace is custom-built to help insurance providers grow and maintain their reputation and presence across services. When you join, you get a Worry+Peace page, which hosts all the products you want, and a brilliant all-new way for your buyers to leave you feedback.

As the platform grows it comes with the added bonus and prospect of demand generation and new business. Your products will appear in searches, too. You can boost the visibility of these, if you wish, in a weekly auction. It’s easy and that’s it. No strings.

Our tools also nurture buyer confidence primarily through reviews – which are a boost to your conversion rates and maximise the value of everything from word of mouth to consistent marketing investment.

Besides that, we’ve built you a brand new piece of low maintenance online real estate! A Worry+Peace page is going to be the easiest asset you’ll ever have. Our new category of platform has taken time to build and perfect, we are promising you a new ecosystem that helps you – not one that exploits you.

To find out more, schedule an obligation-free 30 minute demonstration call for our insurance-lingual team to show you the benefits outlined above.

Benefits for members:

  • Free to join
  • Online demos – at your convenience
  • New page linking to your site
  • Reviews software for your buyers, included
  • Earn £5 credit for every review
  • Unlimited Product Listings across 780 product categories
  • Unlimited  Users – no extra cost
  • Choice of Plans  – Free or Membership
  • Onboarding is quick and easy with follow-up support
  • Free plans come with £25 of optional credit
  • Standard Plans – 33% discount and £600 worth of extra Free auction credit per year
  • Worry+Peace has over 60+ providers managing their accounts

More information visit our website or view our brochure


Contacts:  James York

Email: [email protected]

Telephone: 0330 880 8326

Mobile: 07976 571616