Marine Insurance Scheme

MercariRisk a leading marine insurance specialist working with top marine underwriters to provide all types of marine insurance in the UK, Europe and beyond.

Key scheme features:

  • Comprehensive Cargo Insurance based on Institute Cargo Clauses plus many additional business protection clauses
  • Freight liability insurance for couriers, hauliers, warehouse- keepers, freight forwarders
  • Hull and marine liability insurance for commercial vessels, charter yachts, commercial maritime operations, super yachts and yachts and pleasure craft
  • Up to £10m limits for cargo and freight liability, £100m for yacht and pleasure craft. Higher limits also available

Key benefits to members

  • Accessible experts available 24/7
  • Training and support
  • Access to marine specialists to provide insights on client requirements
  • Joint client visits available
  • End to end claims support and advocacy
  • Access to potential new markets for you




Alan Wilkins
07512 738 751
[email protected]
Henry Haystead
07714 679946
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