LITMUS ANALYSIS is a boutique consultancy offering a range of products and services designed to create increased transparency, clarity and knowledge in the insurance and reinsurance markets. Litmus seeks to bring the skills and experience of a team of top analysts to the insurance markets.

Since 2010, Litmus has offered Ratings Advice to insurers, a range of Analytical Services to brokers, insurers, and service providers, and Training across the insurance and financial markets. Litmus has two online tools – the financial health scoring application LitmusQ and the Legal Entity Identifier LUCIDLitmus Research Associates  help insurers, reinsurers and brokers gain powerful client feedback and drive increased market share.

Key to the work Litmus does, and indeed the design and execution of the BIBA Litmus Test Report, is the experience of the 7 key members of the analytical and management team, who have well over 150 years’ aggregate experience working in the worlds of insurer market security and ratings. This team includes:

  • The former head of S&P’s insurance practice in Europe
  • The former head of A.M. Best in EMEA
  • The former head of S&P’s UK and Middle Eastern Insurance Ratings
  • The former head of Morgan Stanley’s Financial Institutions Ratings Advisory practice in Europe.

Litmus was formed in 2010 to help the insurance/reinsurance worlds gain a better understanding of ratings, the rating agencies and the financial health of insurers. Since then Litmus has developed a suite of services which build on this central purpose and also help others create a successful strategy for doing business in the insurance and reinsurance markets

The Litmus key offerings are:

These have three key objectives – expanding knowledge, improving data and simplifying analysis.

LitmusQ‘ helps users assess the financial profile of their insurance counterparties.

LUCID‘, the Litmus Unique Company IDentifier, is an entity identification system and insurer relational database.


Litmus’ training has two objectives: helping the insurance, finance and capital markets understand one another better, and bringing new levels of understanding of technical matters to the insurance and reinsurance worlds.

Litmus training courses have received an average feedback score of over 4.5 out of 5.

Click here for the latest Litmus training courses.


For insurers that can’t get the upgrade they believe they deserve, or are worried that they might be under threat of a downgrade, or need to get a rating for the first time, the Litmus team bring their experience of working within the rating agencies and their understanding of their structures and techniques to help the insurer effectively communicate their credit profile to the agency.


Litmus Research Associates undertakes client and market research to gain feedback aiming to efficiently drive increased market share and income.

The Litmus Research ethos is that clients don’t expect anyone to take their business for granted, notwithstanding the longevity of their relationship; they expect their partners to gain robust, independent, objective feedback from them about their performance – and to use that insight to refine what they do.


Litmus also brings analytical experience to help external service providers understand the structure, jargon, needs and opportunities within the re/insurance markets, and in supporting industry participants with detailed research projects.

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