Winter Sports

Follow BIBA’s winter sports holiday checklist to ensure you are properly covered ahead of your alpine adventures:

  1. Have you ensured that your travel insurance policy covers winter sports?
  2. Are you putting yourself at risk by relying on credit card or similar travel insurance?
  3. Are you just relying on your free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)? As many clinics on the slopes are private.
  4. Have you checked with your insurance broker that your insurance adequately covers ALL potential activity while on the slopes? e.g. If you ski off piste should you be accompanied by a guide?
  5. Make sure that you obtain a travel insurance quote from a broker as policies from tour operators and travel agents are normally tied to one insurer, are expensive, often exclude terrorism cover, have low levels of cover and high excesses.
  6. Whilst skiing is fun there are rules and regulations that apply – you can be prosecuted for behaving in a reckless or dangerous manner. The guidelines are FIS rules and you should read and understand them before you ski – following these rules will help ensure your enjoyment
  7. If you are not skiing with an instructor or guide you should check that the area and snow that you wish to ski is suitable for a skier of your level – get advice from the local ski schoolNEVER SKI IN CLOSED AREAS – IT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND INSURANCE COVER MAY BE INVALIDATED
  8. When leaving skis in racks try to liaise with a friend to ensure that skis are not left in pairs – ‘mix and match them’ as thieves prefer only to take pairs. You MUST ALWAYS take reasonable care of your Ski Equipment and WHEREVER POSSIBLE you should not leave it unattended in an open or public place (other personal baggage and valuables MUST NEVER be left unattended in the open or any public place either) and certain exclusions do apply in respect of property left in or on any Unattended Vehicle – please see the relevant Sections of this policy

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office has also issued the following advice to those embarking on Alpine sports holidays this winter. This advice can be accessed online here.

Find Insurance

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*Members of the Armed Forces have particular insurance needs. BIBA members making a commitment under the Covenant and which help meet these needs can be found here