Home Improvements

BIBA urges everyone to make sure that their insurance policies cover all the improvements and renovations people will be making to their homes.

Research anticipates that £57 billion will be spent on home improvements over the next six months. UK consumers are estimated to spend on average £6,400 a year on their homes.

In 2006, UK consumers were estimated to have spent an average of £1,509 a year on trades people to work on their homes, with 1.2 million homeowners spending more than £10,000.

People should treat any improvements and renovations to their home as an investment, and should protect them as such. It is important that consumers talk to their broker to guarantee that any changes they have made are covered by their insurance cover. This is the best way to ensure they are treated fairly should anything go wrong.

Home improvements can make a huge difference to the cost of our properties and quality of life. We save up all year so that we can afford to pay for this work, and it is vital that these changes are covered by our insurance policies.

BIBA urges all homeowners to ensure that their home insurance policies are fully up to date, including the correct sums insured and include all the improvements the make.

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