The EU Exit raises a number of issues that could seriously impact insurance brokers and their customers. BIBA is highlighting eight areas that will enable us to effectively service both new and existing UK and EU clients.

Brief Brexit Survey

BIBA’s new Brexit Committee is conducting this brief members survey to enable us to support members through the transition.

So we can understand the extent of your concerns, please tell us whether you have any issues for your business or not. If you have no issues please make sure you do tell us in the survey as it’s important for us to allocate our limited resources to the most pressing issues for our members.

With no immediate signs of a ‘bold new free trade agreement’ and the 1st April 2018 renewal deadline being a key date for policies to be effected for the post Brexit period, your feedback on the numerous considerations for brokers will help us put the issues into context so we can and assist you with the changes ahead.

Take the survey.

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Representing our members in Europe

With much of the Financial Conduct Authority’s rule book derived from European secondary legislation, BIBA is a member of the European Federation of Insurance Intermediaries (BIPAR), and is active in representing members’ interests with the three European legislative bodies that create the regulations; the European Commission, the Council of Ministers and the UK representatives in the European Parliament.

BIBA's Call to action and Commitments on Europe

Each year BIBA campaigns on a number of issues and commits to a series of actions - these calls for action and commitments can be found within our manifesto.

Find out more in the BIBA 2017  EU Exit Manifesto

Brexit Matters

BIBA has created a Brexit Committee to consider the issues affecting brokers as a result of the coming EU exit.

Tell us your views on brexit in our brief survey

A level playing field

BIBA welcomes improved level playing field for customers with conclusion of Insurance Distribution Directive (IDD) political process

After many years of promoting the interests of members and their customers in Brussels, Westminster and working closely with our European Federation BIPAR, BIBA is delighted to see the Insurance Mediation Directive will now become the IDD and include comparison sites and direct insurers.

Read the full press release

MP Guide

Helping your constituency with insurance matters

BIBA members have many specialisms and can often help in placing cover for those that fall outside of what is considered a ‘standard risk’.

BIBA helps more than a 250,000 consumers Find a Broker every year and can be found at, or by calling 0370 950 1790.

See our guide for MP’s here

Working together with BIPAR

BIBA is an active member of the European Federation of Insurance Intermediaries (BIPAR), carrying our 'one voice' philosophy to the European stage, where interests of brokers across the region are aligned.

The liaison with fellow trade associations across Europe permits a sharing of experiences which helps us develop stronger arguments on issues affecting our local markets.

bipar-logoFind out more on BIPAR’s website

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*Members of the Armed Forces have particular insurance needs. BIBA members making a commitment under the Covenant and which help meet these needs can be found here