EU Competition Enquiry into Commercial Insurance

8th May 2006

In June last year the EU Competition Directive announced that it was undertaking a sector enquiry into commercial insurance.  Questionnaires have already been issued to insurer and intermediary associations across Europe.  These were followed up with questionnaires to a range of individual insurers and this week a similar survey will be conducted amongst a cross section of some 200 intermediaries.  We do not know how many will be based in the UK and the Commission will not disclose the names of the recipients.  The questionnaire is very detailed and seeks a considerable amount of financial information within a comparatively tight deadline.

BIPAR, our European Federation has sought some generic advice from its competition lawyers.  This maybe helpful to those firms receiving the questionnaire who have not yet appointed their own lawyers to assist in this exercise.

Copies can be obtained from Leighann Burtrand at [email protected]  

Eric Galbraith
Chief Executive