Andrew Gibbons, BIBA, Chair of Industry Claims Initiative, Blog – Tomorrow’s World

23rd April 2019

Tomorrow’s World…

In my very early years, I grew up watching the likes of Michael Rodd and Judith Hann, who, as presenters of Tomorrow’s World on BBC One, tried to predict, for the benefit of viewers, just what the future would look like.

Seemingly unachievable feats that were nothing more than pipe dreams or the fictional gadgets on shows like Star Trek were apparently still light years away. But here we are, that same generation who watched Tomorrow’s World in the early 70’s, now take Facetime for granted!

But whilst the insurance world leaps forward a pace with vocabulary now including terms like Blockchain, AI, data harvesting and disruptors bringing us new technology and products, what does that mean for our most important resource… people!?

The technical skills needed within our industry are changing markedly and the resourcing of our businesses in terms of employees will need to change to enable us not only to use and get the benefit from the advances in technology, but to enable business to continue to respond to the inevitable change that will continue.

Recruitment into our business has in recent times sought skills other than those required in an insurance broking environment, whether that be through local apprenticeship programmes or other sectors. The underlying issue here is the next generation of insurance brokers will need to have a range of skills wholly different to those required 10-15 years ago.

Professional bodies such as the CII and trade organisations like our own, BIBA, will also need to recognise the changing abilities required. Through BIBA’s support for the  insurance apprenticeship scheme, the continued advancement of its Young Broker Ambassadors initiative and the further expansion of the Young Broker Day at the 2019 BIBA conference, we recognise the need to continue to attract new and vibrant young talent into our industry.

The conference continues to recognise emerging risks with the return of the hackathon this year and the work of BIBA’s cross-industry innovation working group resulting in specialist training by Google amongst others available for all BIBA members.

Tomorrow’s world will retain one consistent factor – the ability of brokers to provide good quality independent and rational advice however so it is delivered.

Andrew Gibbons ACII

MD, Mason Owen Financial Services Ltd

BIBA, Chair of Industry Claims Initiative