BIBA People

Jonathan Evans
BIBA Chairman

Steve White
BIBA Chief Executive

Graeme Trudgill
Executive Director

Lindsay Campbell
Conference Director

Nicola Maguire
Head of Commercial

David Sparkes
Head of Compliance & Training

Juliet Williams
Area Manager Central

Neil Jenkinson
Area Manager North

Lindsay Cunningham
Area Manager Scotland & Northern Ireland

Mike Hallam
Head of Technical Services

Shaune Worrall
Technical Services Manager

Vannessa Young
Compliance & Advisory Boards Manager

Andy Thornley
Head of Corporate Affairs

Alastair Blundell
Head of General Insurance

Pam Quinn
Head of Communications

Leighann Forsyth
Deputy Head of Communications

Becky Pledge
Communications Manager

Katie Aldis
Digital Communications Specialist

Diane Smyllie
Membership Manager

Kirsty Wingrove
Manager, Find Insurance

Anna Frackowiak
Membership Administrator

Katie Reay
Events Manager

Mary Ryan
Executive Assistant

Joelle Etienne
Finance Senior

Nicola Lambert
Accounts Clerk

Beverly Robbins
PA Executive Director

Anna Dziedzic
Events Coordinator

Anna Wong
Events Marketing Manager

Michelle Cunningham
Exhibition Operations Manager