Key issues for brokers in the Queen’s speech to Parliament

23rd June 2017

The Queen’s speech on 21 June set the Agenda for the next Parliament and covered a number of issues that might particularly affect brokers and their customers. BIBA’s positions on these matters are outlined below.

Civil Liability Bill

BIBA is part of the Insurance Fraud Task Force upon whose recommendations this Bill will act.  BIBA along with the rest of the industry wants to see a dramatic reduction in insurance fraud and tackling fraudulent whiplash claims has long been a Manifesto issue of ours.  We support measures that will help those genuinely injured to be paid fair compensation where it is due but equally believe that tough measures to reduce fraudulent claims need to be in place.

Financial Guidance and Claims Bill

Appropriate supervision of CMCs is part of the solution to tackle increasing fraudulent claims and this is something we called for in our Manifesto where we asked for  Government to bring forward legislation that would begin the new regime of FCA regulation of CMSs.  We understand that this will be addressed in the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill and we welcome it.

It is estimated that fraudulent whiplash claims add 20% onto motor premiums and the absence of sufficient, effective regulation of CMCs has fuelled exaggerated claims. This Bill is a giant step forward in reducing fraud and creating a fair approach to regulation.

On financial guidance we have put forward recommendations to Government regarding the replacement for the money advice service. Our concern is that the consultation paper had not one single mention of insurance  yet the insurance industry pays for its operation. We await the detail of this part of the Bill to see if this has been addressed.

Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill

BIBA has put forward our views in response to the Government Pathway to Driverless Cars proposal last autumn followed up with a letter to the scrutiny committee and we are pleased to see the plan to extend compulsory motor insurance in respect of  Autonomous Vehicles  but we await the detail of the bill to assess how insurance arrangements are proposed to be effected.

Armed Forces Bill

BIBA is pleased to see that the Government will continue to deliver on the Armed Forces Covenant to which we are a signatory and we will continue to push for signposting for members of HM Forces to be able to access appropriate insurance to meet their specific needs.

Data Protection Bill

As expected this Bill will include the provisions of the GDPR and will continue to work with legislators and regulators to ensure that have the greatest possible understanding of how data is used in our industry.


The Great Repeal Bill will bring us out of the EU and as ever the devil is in the detail in respect of the legislation relating to our exit of the EU. In a recent meeting with DExEU we put forward in no uncertain terms the issues that affect insurance brokers  especially in relation to mutual access to the single  market and passporting. We we look forward to reading in particular the detail of the Trade Bill.