British Insurance Brokers' Association

BIBA has decided to fully support the Chartered Insurance Institute's launch and development of the Broker Academy .

Up until now, there has been no co-ordinated approach across the broking sector to training. That has changed with the launch of the face-to-face element of the Broker Academy offering. It is the intention of the three partners, CII, BIBA and Axa to develop the market leading training solution and we are all committed to delivering just that.

BIBA members around our regions have told us that they would like a greater say in their regional training programme. The Broker Academy planning process allows BIBA members the opportunity to have a direct input into the content, timing and location of regional training in their area.

All firms that are authorised and regulated by the FSA have to ensure that their staff have the appropriate knowledge, skills and expertise to discharge their duties. Broker Academy offers a range of courses to help firms comply with these requirements.

The Broker Academy provides firms with access to the complete package of learning and development services provided by the CII to support professionalism and career advancement in the broker market. Further details of the Broker Academy can be found at

All Broker Academy courses now provide short course assessments on each of the training sessions. These assessments show that the delegate has competently understood the main aims and objectives of the course.


Broker Academy London and Regional Programmes – or call 01372 361177

Further Enquiries
Please contact Kirsty Wingrove
Head of Membership
020 7397 0224
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